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Sahaj meditation is a meditation technique based on our own individual energy that allows us to explore and develop our inner being.

Sahaja Yoga allows us to benefit from all the classic benefits of meditation with the added benefit of access to our energy system directly connected to our spirituality.

This is how Sahaja Yoga can offer everyone an individual and authentic long-term spiritual development. Founded in 1970, Sahaj meditation has been tried and tested for 50 years. It is practiced by thousands of people in many countries.

Sahaja Yoga is organized as a non-profit Association. Expenses are covered by voluntary donations from participants who so wish.

It is not necessary to join or register with the association to participate and benefit free of all training and collective activities. It is simply open to all people who wish to discover and deepen the experience of Self-Realization. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (1923-2011) is the founder of Sahaja Yoga and the originator of the experience of mass Self-realization.

Sahaja Yoga is practiced in more than 100 countries and each association is independent. To facilitate coordination and communication, there is a Central Committee that plays this role.

Sahaj meditation is based on the action of our own spiritual energy, known as “Kundalini”.

This energy acts on a subtle system composed of energy channels (“nadis”) and energy centers (“chakras”) in connection with our nervous system. It regenerates it, nourishes it, heals it, makes it evolve and balances it. One of the unique characteristics of Sahaj meditation is the ability to spontaneously attain a state of thoughtless awareness and manifest the aspect of Self (Spirit) to our consciousness.

This new state of consciousness is established only when the Kundalini energy awakens within us, thus ensuring the connection with the omnipresent universal cosmic energy (also described as the “collective unconscious”). We thus become connected with the whole and can feel it concretely in us.

Sahaj meditation therefore cannot be reduced to or associated with a simple form of relaxing or anti-stress meditation practice…Most forms or practices of meditation simply work through the reduction or elimination of thoughts through conscious effort or exercises of focus. Sahaj meditation is designed to be integrated into daily life regardless of our lifestyle and bring us great benefits at the physical, emotional, psychic and spiritual level but also socially and even materially.

Finally, unlike other practices or forms of meditation, Sahaj meditation can be taught and practiced to everyone and by everyone for free….

During a Sahaj meditation, our inner energy, the Kundalini, as well as our subtle system are activated. Little by little this maternal and intelligent energy will balance the energy channels and allow our attention, prisoner of the movements of our mind, to rise above the ego and conditioning and to enter deep silence. , the peace and joy of mindless awareness.

This state of consciousness then allows us to free ourselves from false identifications with the body, emotions, thoughts and all the images we have of ourselves, to identify ourselves with the essence of our being, that is- i.e. the Self or the Spirit.

The manifestation of this energy is physically perceptible in our body, above the head and/or in our hands, in the form of a cool breath.

There is much more to discover and you can find out a little more through the different explanations and courses available on this site or simply already by experimenting for yourself. To do this, come see us or experience Self-Realization here.

After a few sessions, we already easily reach a state of relaxation, inner peace and well-being, beyond thoughts. Subsequently, and after a few weeks/months, we manage to maintain the experience for a long time, which is manifested in particular by the feeling of our energy system (physical perception of a subtle breath called “vibrations”).

It is through regular practice that we can benefit from all the positive advantages on our personality, our general balance and our health.

We therefore invite you to already experience it by following the online courses here because nothing beats practice to get a real idea !

The experience of Self Realization is a natural process based on the awakening of your own Kundalini.

In the same way that we cannot pay for the earth to turn, for the seasons to pass, or for a tree to grow, we cannot pay for this awakening.

Moreover, it is part of the evolutionary process of humanity which has so far made it possible to pass from the state of a simple amoeba to that of a human being. It is not a question here of adhering to a movement of thoughts or a religion, but of awakening in us the energy which allows us to connect our consciousness to the power which created us.

There can be no question of money in this process…