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What is meditation ?

“Meditation is a state of consciousness where the individual Self is united with the Supreme Self in the silence of the mind.”

Meditation has become a fashionable practice today, everyone wishing to find a state of balance and inner peace in a world where pressure, distractions, ambient materialism, stress, the culture of success and money pushes people away from themselves and to disperse.

Nothing new in itself because this observation does not date from today and this practice is more than a thousand years old. The search for oneself is part of the history of humanity and we have always chosen to turn either towards this relative world in which we live in order to exploit all its possibilities, or towards inner discovery, towards the search for the essence of our being, the Self or the Spirit, towards the absolute.

Meditation, more than a practice, is a state of consciousness beyond the manifestations of our mind, our ego and our conditioning. A state of thoughtless consciousness, where the complete silence of our mind, makes us experience the fullness of the manifestation of the Self to our consciousness.

What is Sahaj Meditation?

“Sahaj meditation allows everyone to reach a state of peace, satisfaction and joy, and connection to their own inner being through the experience of Self-realization.”

In the past, to reach this state of consciousness, it was necessary to follow a whole series of practices to get rid of the attachments to the body, the emotional and the mental which lead us into the illusion of the relative world in which we live. Isolation from the world was the way to avoid all temptations to get carried away by these movements of the mind. The purpose of these practices, allowed some rare individuals to achieve liberation or Moksha in Sanskrit. That is to say the union of the individual Self (Atman) with the absolute Self (Paramatman) or otherwise called “Realization of the Self”.

This experience occurred when the practitioner, once completely and definitively purified, surrendered to the awakening of an energy called Kundalini, which resides coiled 3 and a half times in the sacrum bone. This energy is a reflection of the primordial Mother within us. She is our spiritual Mother who gives the second birth, the birth of the Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit described by Christ. By this awakening, the individual lost all false identification and became one with the Self.

With the advent of Sahaja Yoga it has become possible to awaken some filaments of this energy and to begin this path of purification from this awakening. Meditation thus becomes the way to let the Kundalini do this inner work of rebalancing and cleansing. It is an intelligent, loving, purifying, regenerating energy that brings us into a new state of consciousness, called thoughtless consciousness, where the Self can gradually manifest itself to our consciousness.

The benefits of Sahaj Meditation...

“Only after Self-realization, and only after, does a direct experience of Spirit occur. He manifests these powers through our personality and his light illuminates the consciousness towards a new perception. The divine intelligence of the Spirit radiates everywhere.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

On this path to the Self, the awakening of Kundalini and the practice of Sahaj meditation will gradually produce beneficial effects on our physical, emotional, psychic and spiritual being.

This will not only have a harmonizing effect for ourselves, but also for those around us and our environment. This development will take place gradually and naturally depending on our regularity in the practice of meditation.

Like a plant that grows from a small, barely germinated seed to a sturdy tree that produces delicious fruit.


Some concrete benefits:

  • Stress reduction
  • Improved ability to concentrate
  • Self-confidence
  • Dévelopment of innocence and spontanity
  • Creativity
  • Deepening a state of peace and inner satisfaction
  • Improved physical and mental health
  • Emotional balance
  • Awareness with the connection with the nature and the whole
  • Detachment and inner joy
  • And much more…
Inner Peace
Self Knowledge

How to meditate?

Sahaj meditation begins with the first experience of Kundalini awakening that you can do here.

Once this experience has been made and you have been able to feel this fresh breath coming out of your hands and your fontanel, you can begin to practice Sahaj meditation to deepen and establish this experience and discover all its facets and benefits.

You can already try for yourself, simply by following these few online courses.

Otherwise, we invite you to follow the courses given in our various centres. They are completely free, because this awakening is a natural process and one cannot pay for a natural process to occur, just as one cannot pay for the earth to turn or a tree to grow.

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