Sahaja Yoga

A living experience



Sahaja Yoga is based upon a living experience coming from within, which paves the way to a state of consciousness beyond both the mind and the emotions.

This state of thoughtless awareness, developed by practising Sahaja Yoga, enables us first to discover and then to become the real « Self », thus finding the self-fulfilment that human beings have always sought , guided in their search by the various prophets and religions over the ages.

The ultimate stage in this search, and in human evolution, is for us to become one with the primordial energy that is our creator…

Every religion and philosophy speaks of Union with the Divine, yet not one of them is able to tell us how to achieve it.

This knowledge is only made available to us in writings and words that remain fixed in our minds, but do not give us access to the real, pure knowledge that springs from within. Sahaja Yoga entails spontaneous union with the Self. « Saha » means with, « ja » means spontaneous, while Yoga represents Union with the omnipotent Power of Divine Love.

This experience is our second birth, and it frees us from the domination of our minds and our emotions. It announces the pure universal religion known as « Vishwa Nirmala Dharma » in Sanskrit.

This transformation comes about when a subtle energy called Kundalini is awakened and rises within us to establish our Yoga, or Union, with the primordial energy.