Meditation is a mainstream notion in most Asian countries with a Buddhist or Hindu background and several HR departments of large corporations or institutions now accept it. However meditation is a generic name and the meditation presented in the context of these encounters need must further specified.

Unlike most meditation methods, this proposed meditation does not resort to mental concentration (sympathetic nervous system) but it invites the discovery of a natural and spontaneous process (parasympathetic nervous system), accessible to all under specific conditions. Hence the praxis includes a guided meditation to awaken inner energies.

This difference of approaches is fundamental because the empowerment resulting from the oneness with our deeper Self is beyond mental activity, which relies on the sympathetic nervous system. To reach there we need to access and maintain inner silence, devoid of the constant stream of thoughts or emotions, related to the past or the future.

We invite you to a meditation is at the cutting edge of contemplative disciplines and practices. It gently enables consciousness evolution, the tuning of psycho somatic balance, the design of a renewed personality, based on Self-improvement.

It is also at the cutting edge of consciousness evolution itself, a tangible spontaneous inner experience that can be felt on the central nervous system, it can be verified and communicated, resulting in the transformation from homo sapiens to homo spiritualis.


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