Kundalini awakening

An experience that can change your life…



The experience of Self-Realisation means that our true inner being is awakened and we become aware of an omnipresent divine energy that reflects one single spiritual being, the “Self”

In other words, the Kundalini, the spiritual force within us, rises through our subtle system until it reaches the top of our heads, thus enlightening the seventh subtle centre, which gives us our “Yoga” or “Union with the Divine”.

At this point, we are connected to the energy that created us. Self Realisation is only the beginning.

Once this connection has been established, it needs to be maintained with our attention.

Regular daily meditation enables us to become aware of our true identity..


You can do this experience with the video below!

To fully enjoy this exercise, take out your shoes and sit comfortably on a chair, be sure not to be disturbed for the next 20 minutes and follow the guided meditation by Shri Mataji.