Frequently Asked Questions

The simplest way!

Meet us in our free weekly meetings in one of our centers.    Click here to see all the centers

We will introduce you first to the Sahaj meditation before guiding a meditation allowing everyone to reach the state of yoga.

In a second part, a subject is developed (Kundalini, chakras, subtle system, rebalancing technique, etc …) and / or a workshop is organised enabling participants to feel their energy better.

You will also be shown how to meditate at home.

These sessions which last about an hour are regularly punctuated by small half-day or one-day seminars at the same address, and sometimes we organize seminars on a weekend in a hotel, Beautiful region of Switzerland.

All people of all ages who wish to discover Sahaj meditation and its benefits, in other words: it is open to everyone.

Everyone is free to come, to practice and to take courses.

You are all welcome.

Just because we can not pay for what is inside oneself.

This is why Sahaja Yoga association works on a voluntary basis.

As we are all over the world, we are also numerous in Switzerland and neighboring France to practice Sahaj meditation for many years and we teach it to share its authenticity and its benefits.

The classes are given free, the practice of Sahaja Yoga is free. Everyone is free to come whenever he pleases.

There is no registration or register.

No outfit, no accessories are needed.

Meditation takes place inside oneself.